Oochykoo: Modern Highchair Accessories for The IKEA Antilop Highchair


Hello friends, so glad you are here! My name is Jennifer Cartwright, and I am the founder of Oochykoo, a passionate Marketer turned small business owner and stay-at-home Mum. I love to create products that make Mum’s life easier, uplift spirits, and brighten up the days. I am excited to introduce to you our online store, Oochykoo.

The idea behind Oochykoo began when we started the weaning journey with our daughter and purchased the IKEA Antilop High Chair for her. Despite being a practical and affordable chair, it lacked certain elements such as a missing footrest and having a cushion cover that would fit our home interior. These inadequacies caused me to search online and gain inspiration to make accessories on my own.

After a bit of trial-and-error, I was able to make a footrest and a variety of cushion covers which was loved by many fellow moms. Seeing their happiness made me passionate to pursue this project. That's when Oochykoo was born which specializes in making highchair accessories and baby products designed to give your baby extra care, comfort, and protection.

1. Cushion Covers

Make your baby's highchair look extra classy and comfortable with cushion covers available in a diverse range of patterns and colors so that you can choose the one according to your baby's  personality or home interior. These covers come with a zipper and can easily be unzipped for a wash. Make your baby's big day exciting with the versatile cushion covers.

2. Footrests

The footrests make sure your baby has the safest environment possible when exploring the world of foods.  The best footrests have a litany of benefits for your baby as it provides comfort and control since the footrests prevents the baby from dangling its feet, and causing lack of concentration. In addition, the footrest also improves the posture and seating stability of the baby minimizing the risk of choking.

3. Tray Mats

Make your life easier with the silicone tray mats that are moulded perfectly to the highchair's tray and made out of lip-resistant material that keeps your baby’s bowls, plates,  and cups in place. Easy to clean under running water or just in the dishwasher, also perfect for any activities (like ie drawing or being creative with playdoh) to protect the highchair tray. 

4. Leg Stickers

The adhesive leg stickers which we gave the name “Wonder Wraps” enhance your highchair’s legs with an extra eye-catching upgrade. Available in different colors using the highest quality of the removable adhesive foil. We are always extending our assortment with products complimenting the subject weaning to make your baby's early years fun and memorable. Recently we have introduced weaning sets designed to make eating and feeding easier and more enjoyable for babies.

Furthermore, we offer splash mats, to protect your floor from being spilled and with this to prevent the floor or carpet being spoiled. Especially proud we are of our own in UAE designed and manufactured Montessori weaning set for your baby to teach independence, table manners, and interaction especially when your baby transitions from liquid to solid food stage.

The baby's early years should be memorable so make your baby have the time of its life by getting the baby high chair accessories. Customize your affordable and modern IKEA Antilop high chair and make it yours as of your baby's personality or home interior.