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I sold my highchair to get the IKEA one because of your accessories!

I never imagined the IKEA highchair so stylish. I actually had a high chair for my little one already and I sold it to buy the IKEA one and put your accessories. My huband thinks I am crazy because of that :D


I cannot express how much the tray cover has changed our mealtime mentality

Leah's not the best eater so I din't want to spend any more money on gear hoping that will fix it. But a major part of her not eating was because of my anxiety around mealtime. Everything made me stress - the preparation, the potential choking but mostly the mess was a biggest trigger. I hated it!! But now, with the cover, I really don't care anymore. The puree can dry and the half eaten cereal can stick to it for hours and then it's a simple rinse for everything to be gone. I cannot express how much that has changed our mealtime mentality.


I couldn't be happier, it's a gamechanger

Finally footrests for IKEA highchair are available in Dubai. I saw an advert this morning on instagram,I placed my order and it already arrived today


The coolest business idea I’ve seen in a while  

We have the Stokke chair but I’ve not bothered to take it out of storage as I think the tray is too small. Oochykoo makes foot rests, cushion covers and tray mats that fit this chair perfectly in loads of colors, we went with pink of course! If you have this IKEA gem yourself check them out - it really makes the chair super cute.


A footrest is very important to help the child sit properly

You know, IKEA chairs have no Footrest, and having a Footrest in a dining chair is very important to help the child sit properly. The Oochykoo footrest is handmade in UAE, high-quality finishing, Zero VOC paint coating, non-toxic paint, safe for child. Suitable for baby from 6 months old.


The footrest makes our son's life so much easier

We use the footrest every day, it makes Adam's life so much easier and we will get another one for our second highchair once baby number two is ready for it. Thank you Oochykoo!


Our meal times are so much easier with the tray mat

We are very happy with the tray mat as it feels very handy and makes our meal times so much easier. It's the little things that make a working Mum's life easier.


We love that the footrest is adjustable

Zacharia is already 11 months old and tall and we love the fact that the footrest is adjustable. Zachariah approved the footrest also with a thumbs up : D


We feel so much better with the footrest in regards to choking hazards

Thanks a million. Liam is loving the footrest and we feel so much more comfortable with the new footrest in regarding to choking hazards.



Highchairs can be expensive and as new parents there are already many other items to purchase in the early days so an excellent cost saving option is the IKEA Antilop highchair which is extremely practical.

Oochykoo offers customized accessories so you can upgrade the IKEA highchair giving it a more premium look and feel and some extra support for those tiny toes.


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